Finder Fees

Another way to make money

First things first, check with your state to see if you will need to be registered with an agency in order to be a finder.

Once you have completed what ever your state requires then continue..

Step #1 – By law, all the counties have to keep records of these overbids. All you have to do is get the lists of overbids from the counties. You can do this from home.

Step #2 – Once you have the list of overbids, you find the people the counties owe the money to.

Step #3 – You simply go to the county with the proper paperwork and request the unclaimed funds on behalf of the property owner.
In return for this service, you get to keep a portion of the overbid. Usually it’s 25%.

For example, if a home were sold for $8,000 more then what was owed, you would get 25% of the $8,000 overbid as your fee. That’s $2,000 cold hard cash in YOUR pocket!

You get paid… very, very well… JUST FOR FINDING people who have lost their homes at tax sales and making sure they get the money rightfully owed to them by the counties.

If you don’t help these people, they LOSE their money forever! They gladly pay you your “finder’s” fee!

You get to help people who really need it and you make money FAST.

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