Kids & Money

Everybody’s talking about the economy right now…mostly how we’re going to get through it and still be able to buy what we need to live the way we want to live.

Well, have you ever considered what it’s going to take to make sure our children don’t create this same financial mess in THEIR futures?

Most adults agree they wouldn’t be experiencing the current financial hardships that are affecting them if they’d learned about money and investing a lot earlier.

As parents and teachers, we must do something to make sure the children we care about know how to manage and grow the money they make into more BEFORE they move out on their own.

If you want an easy way to make sure your kids or students grow up financially savvy, you have to check out The Money Game:

The Money Game® is perfect for teachers, parents, grandparents, youth agencies, youth/church leaders, after-school providers, home-school teachers…anyone who works with kids ages 10 and up who’s looking for the best financial education game on the face of the planet.

Whether you’ve been teaching financial literacy for years or have just developed a passion for financial education, The Money Game’s experiential format makes learning about money and investing fun and easy. You can’t not learn the rules of money when you play (or teach) The Money Game.

The Money Game was developed by Elisabeth Donati, who at 35 decided to create the profoundly effective financial education camp now called Camp Millionaire. The Money Game is the experiential, financial simulation game developed for this program. Kids, teens and adults love playing The Money Game; learning about money and investing has never been this easier.

Learn more here:

The Money Game is packed full with everything you need to run a successful financial education program for any age group over 10 – it’s Elisabeth’s proven, step-by-step, simple formula for teaching people about money that she’s never shared with anyone who isn’t licensed to use her Camp Millionaire program.

Whether you want to teach your class, tutor groups of students, host paid day-long or 6-9 weekly events, The Money Game is the financial education solution you’ve been looking for.

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